The Mitchell & Merrick Silver Mine and 10 Canyons on or near Navajoland

Presented by Helen Serras-Herman

Thursday, May 25, 2023 ; 7:00P.M. (EST)

We are in for a treat for our monthly meeting. Long time DCGIA member Helen Serras-Herman, will share her experience of The Mitchell & Merrick Silver Mine and 10 Canyons on or near Navajoland.

Helen Serras-Herman, a 2003 National Lapidary Hall of Fame inductee, is an acclaimed gem artist with 40 years of experience in unique gem sculpture and jewelry art. See her work at and her business Facebook page at: Gem Art Center/Helen Serras-Herman

Deborah will be joined by Washington D.C. Chapter member Sherlene Bradbury with her Highlights & Memories of Spectacular Beauty.

Don’t miss this in-person event !

Location: Fairfax Marriott at Fair Oaks, 11787 Lee Jackson Memorial Hwy, Fairfax, VA 22033  – FREE Parking

Admission is FREE for those who have paid their 2023 annual meeting fees and $15.00 (Cash or Check) at the door for all others. Please visit


19 Responses to News

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  2. DONNA KEISER says:

    I am in need of help to sell my gemstone collection (collected over 25 plus years) most are faceted and I have original invoices with proof of origin.(As well as a wide variety of seclections) I must do this for medical reasons- as well as not one my 7 grand daughters share my passion. I also have a complete set of tools for identification (& proof therein). 2 microscopes, spectroscopes, et al) I know I’ve spent a fortune, yet I do not expect to get any where near the value. I have stones from A-Z precious & non-precious (all are precious to me). I also have premade settings…I had a business plan for home showings and it was profitable…until I could no longer control the slight tremors & other problems). I had to go on disability 1998 from my regular profession of consultant & broker for recyclables. I worked with both industrial companies as well as local & federal government setting guidelines for recycling. I worked both nationally & internationally throught marketing & advising certain Ambassadors . I also sat of several associations, as board member) I want to sell my entire collection as my family has no idea of value and would most likely throw them away/ WIth almost 1,000 stones that would be. such a waste ..Any advice (other than EBAY) is appreciated

    • Nellie Mayo says:

      Hello Donna. I’m sorry to hear about your health and the disinterest of your family.
      Have you progressed the sale of your collection since August?

      Kind regards

      Nellie Mayo

    • Benry Ejembi says:

      I am interested in the collection, How can this whole items be inspected?

    • Yelena says:

      Hello Donna, I’d be interested in helping you rehome your treasures, whether they go to me or someone else. What is the easiest way to contact you and view your collection?

    • john says:

      I have been teaching disabled veterans & children gem cutting for years and as a disabled veteran my self I would like to entertain the purchase of you whole collect. Sounds like great teaching tools!

    • I would have interest in the collection. If it becomes available please email me. Thanks Brian T Berger Graduate Gemologist. I am a published author in the field of gemstones, and have gemstones in museums here in the United States.

    • Sailesh says:

      Hello Donna,
      I hope you are doing good.
      Is your collection is still available?

  3. Evan says:

    I have conflicting webinars. Will a a recording be available to watch today’s webinar at another time?

  4. Gerhard Hörnlein says:

    Hallo,will the Zoom-Talk with John Dyer also be available somewhere later on? Starting Time is middle of the Night here in Germany 😟, but would love to listen to it later.

  5. Anelia says:

    Great! I work at the Pentagon Jewelers and we are working with a lot of gems from Afghanistan.

  6. I am very excited to hear about your exploration of mines, I am very intrigued with mining and gem origins. I would love to learn about mines that are open to visitors or your Gem Hunters Corporation.

  7. Manas Datta says:

    I am interested to total work as gemologist in Afghanistan

  8. Manas Datta says:

    I have a qualification chemistry honors and rolling technology and interested to work as gemologist in Afghanistan

  9. Merritt N Bears says:

    Looking forward to watching the Zoom meeting!

  10. Elizabeth C Huber says:

    Can you email me the link?

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