Memorial Scholarship Fund

Two (2) $250 Scholarships will be awarded in 2017.
Eligibility: Pay annual meeting fee of $70.00 for 2017. Attend any gemological class, seminar, workshop or online course and submit a copy of the receipt with the request to be considered for the scholarship. Drawing will be held at the December Annual Auction and Holiday Party.

Two winners will be randomly drawn at the December Annual Party & Auction.

The money will be awarded/reimbursed with proof in the form of receipt(s), up to $250 total, in Gemological Related Education Expenses which occur between January 1, 2017 and December 31, 2017.

***In Memory of all our past members and industry experts, who contributed greatly to both DCGIA and the trade!***

The DCGIA Board of Directors will determine legitimate expenses.

DCGIA Mentoring Program

Mission: The Program is designed to help current and recent graduates of GIA strengthen and refine the vital and highly specialized skills they need to succeed in the
gem & jewelry industry. DCGIA Mentoring Program Outline

DCGIA MENTEE PROFILE FORM Every DCGIA Mentee is partnered with a professional who makes themselves’ available to answer questions, lend support, and see you through your studies. You can meet, call or email, knowing help is available when you need it. The program encourages lifelong relationships, provides opportunities for continuing education and fosters networking with other gem and jewelry professionals.

Any of DCGIA’s learned professionals interested in becoming a Mentor and sharing their passion for the trade are welcome to volunteer. DCGIA Mentor Sign Up Form

November Meeting – GIA Continuing Education Program: 

At the November meeting a GIA Continuing Education Program subscription for 2014 will be drawn and awarded. Only GIA Gemologist (G) and Graduate Gemologist (GG’s) in attendance at the November meeting are eligible and have a chance to win this subscription.