2018 DCGIA Holiday Party & Auction Pictures

On behalf of the GIA Alumni & Associates of Washington DC, I would like to thank both our DONORS and ATTENDEES for your participation and generous support at our annual Holiday Auction and Dinner. We enjoyed seeing you all at our 2018 Holiday Party and Auction. The party included over 130 items in a Silent and Live Auction held at the Fairfax Marriott on Sunday, December 2, 2018. Thank You to the 48 Attendees at the Auction for your Generous Bids and making the night a success!

Thanks to our 2018 Honor Roll of Donors for the wide variety of items provided:

1 Achikian Goldsmiths –                                                                      2 Tuel Jewelers – Mary Loose DiViney –
3 Adel Cramer
4 Carolyn Chappell – Carolyn’s Crystals
5 Mangan Jewelers owner Tom Mangan –
6 Gail Brett Levine – NAJA –
7 Pala International – Josh Hall  –
8 Doris Voigt
9 Gem World International –
10 Michele McMurtry – Eclectic by Design –
11 Denise & Dennis Nelson
12 Karrye Braxton
13 Laura McCloud
14 Courtland Lee
15 Everette & Catherine Byrd
16 Carol McKenna Fort
17 Kusam & Kiran Malhotra – K & K International – Gem Dealers
18 Helen Serras-Herman – Gem Art Center –
19 GIA Alumni Association –
20 Pat Hilmoe Estate – Cynthia Hillmoe
21 Robbie & Sherlene Bradbury –
22 Terry Tkacik
23 Weschlers Auctioneers –
24 Mason Kay –
25 Rainbow Gems – Carolyn Thornton
26 Bill & Carol Anderson
27 Anjela Proctor
28 Stephanie Giorlando –
29 Frances Moghaddam
30 Charlie & Melanie Marts –
31 Tony Conway & Donna Sibley

Thursday, March 2,2017 – “DCGIA Walters Art Museum FIELD TRIP!”

– A joint endeavor with Tim Morgan’s Gemology classes for a field trip to the Walters Art Museum in Baltimore, please RSVP. The tour will be conducted by museum docents and focus on the gems and jewelry in the collections. The tour is free to Walters Art Museum members and $7 per person for non-members. We want to start the tour at 11AM, so everyone coming should be there by 10:45AM.

A firm commitment by Feb. 22, is required. Please let Charles Marts ( or Tim Morgan ( know if you are attending.

Here are some of the DCGIA Chapter 2013 Holiday Auction & Party Pictures taken during the event.




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Here are so

me of the DCGIA Chapter 2011 Holiday Auction & Party Pictures taken during the event.Silent Auction Preview

Tony Conway Donna Sibley

Tony Conway, Donna Sibley and the Mariott Event Coordinator

Live Auction

Bobby Mann – Going Going Gone!

Silent Auction

Just some of the items up for grabs!


Thanks for supporting the Club!



The gang is all here, how about a bottle of wine?


Live Auction Items

And you let these go to a low bidder?

PeopleThanks to you all for making the night memorable.

DCGIA Chapter 2010 Holiday Auction and Party

Here are some of the DCGIA Chapter 2010 Holiday Auction & Party Pictures






GIA Party6GIA Party7GIA Party8GIA Party9GIA Party10

GIA Party12

Ana Escobar & Bobby Mann

Ana Escobar & Bobby Mann

GIA Party11

GIA Party25

GIA Party30

GIA Party31

Click Here for a few links to joyous events, and photos.

DCGIA Chapter 2009 Holiday Auction and Party

Here are some of the DCGIA Chapter 2009 Holiday Auction & Party Pictures

Carolyn Chappell

Carolyn Chappell

Bobby Mann & Theresa

Bobby Mann & Theresa

Working Hard

Denise Nelson & Laura McCloud


Sherlene & Rob Bradburry

Lois Berger

Lois Berger


Brenda Forman


Bryan Geer & Guest

Martin & Colette Fuller

Martin & Colette Fuller

Dennis & Denise Nelson

Dennis & Denise Nelson


Lisa Carp


Michele & Theresa




Helen Fitzkee


Toby Fitzkee


Proud Members

More Proud Members

DCGIA Chapter 25th Anniversary Party Photo Gallery

Here are DCGIA Chapter Party Pictures

Big Guise Band


Party 2


Party 3


Party 4


Party 5


Party 6


Theresa & Bobby

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