DCGIA Chapter Wishes Harold “HAP” Williams a Happy Birthday

March 2010

Hap's 80th

Happy Birthday!

HAP & Dee

Harold & Dee Williams

DCGIA Alumni 25 Successful Years Awards Night

Special awards were presented to the following officers/members, who helped make DCGIA happen: Carolyn Chappell, Chuck Hyland, Sherlene Yantz-Bradbury, Bob Davis, Martin Fuller, Bobby Mann, Fred Ward, Lois Berger, Tom Mangan, Michele Zabel, John Lees, Davia Kramer, Kusam Malhotra, Toby Fitzkee, Melanie Marts, Lisa Carp, Tony Conway, Doris Voigt, Donna Sibley, Andrea Blake, Anastasia Kim, Tim Morgan, Charlie Marts and Hap Williams. President Bobby Mann presented the awards to all that were present.

Here are some of the DCGIA Chapter Members that continue to make it happen!


Lois Berger!

Kusam Malhotra

Kusam Malhotra

Donna Sibley

Bobby with Donna Sibley

John Lees

John Lees

Carolyn Chappell & Tim Morgan

Carolyn Chappell & Tim Morgan



Farewell to those we have lost:

  • In Memory of Christie Romero – Author, jewelry expert & historian, researcher, curator, gemologist, lecturer, instructor, consultant, collector, and Antiques Roadshow appraiser. Christie Romero died on Saturday, Sept. 5, 2009. Christie shared her jewelry expertise and knowledge with the DCGIA Chapter often and she touched many of our lives. Click the links below to learn more about this jewel of a woman:
  • Antique Jewelry UniversityAuction Central NewsPBS

  • In Memory of Campbell Bridges
  • Tsavorite USA, Inc.

  • In Memory Of Campbell Bridges

  • 2009 Tucson Gem Show & Tell
    Items below were shared by the members from their trip to the Tucson Gem Show.
    Thanks for sharing! Double Click any Picture to enlarge it in your browser window.










    3 Responses to Past

    1. Nancy Sanders says:

      On behalf of all admirers of Campbell Bridges and his inexhaustible promotion of tsavorite and tsavorite miners in the Kasigau region of Kenya. The third anniversary of his death has just passed and we remember him.

    2. How do I reach John Lees?

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