KusamA message from Kusam Malhotra, President DCGIA.

Welcome to the website of the Washington, DC Chapter of the GIA Alumni Association, a nonprofit, award winning, gemological, educational organization for DC, Maryland, and Virginia.

Who we are: Gemologists, Jewelers, Lapidaries, Designers, Artist, Gem Dealers, Appraisers, Geologists, Mineralogists, Hobbyists and Enthusiasts who all have an interest in learning more in all of these fields.

We are a diverse group and our membership is open to anyone with an interest in these various fields.

What we offer: Continuing Education and Networking opportunity for the Gem & Jewelry Trade through Monthly:

Meetings, Hands-on Classes, Seminars, Exhibits and Tours.

What we do: We hold 11 monthly meetings each year with outstanding speakers and our annual holiday party and auction each December.

We hold special gemological classes, hands-on workshops and seminars for continuing education.

We arrange special-behind-the-scenes museum and exhibition tours.

Our monthly educational meetings feature hands-on exhibits and displays.

Why Join us?

To stay current with the latest developments in today’s fast moving gem and jewelry trade.

To interact with a diverse group of professionals and hobbyists who share a common interest in gems and jewelry.

To find answers to your questions and discover a fascinating forum for sharing your knowledge.

To network with your peers, maintain your skills, learn what’s new in synthetics and treatments, and enjoy the companionship of others in the trade.

Join us and become an active, contributing member. We can learn from each other sharing our knowledge. We welcome your input and feedback.

Chapter Officers for 2020 – 2022
Kusam Malhotra

Co-Vice Presidents: Sherlene Bradbury & Melanie Marts

Secretaries: Charlie Marts & Gillian Hanlon

Treasurer:                                   Chapter Photographer:
Tim Morgan                                   Melanie Marts

Members at Large:
Martin Fuller – Melanie Marts (Chapter Photographer) – Carol Chappell (Party Coordinator) – Denise Nelson (Chapter Ambassador to GIA)

Webmaster: Charlie Marts – For problems with or corrections to this website, contact the Webmaster