DCGIA Auction Party

Writeup in rhyme by Denise Nelson

T�was the night three weeks before Christmas
and all through the house
GIA Alumni�s were gathered around
eating and drinking and having some fun
missing only the summer and sun.

No need to share.... enough bottles to go around!!!

The room all glitter and white and red
the tables all loaded with sweets and bread
we sat around
where good friends abound
and a good time was had by all!

Great Items Abound......

Hanukkah, Kwanza, whatever the reason
we celebrate the season
gathering that night
when all was at peace
the meals were a sight
and all were at ease.

Carolyn and Toby welcome the early arrivals

Then Bobby and crew
brought in the slew
of gifts and items wild
to the delight
of woman and child
and grown men too.

Denise Nelson and Davia Kramer enjoying the champagne

The auction was great
if somewhat sedate
yet everyone raised their hand
and laughter and cheer
all were here
in GIA Alumni land.

An oriental sake set for auction

Melanie, Doris, Toby and Bill
none could resist the thrill
of laying down that dollar bill
for items galore,
some seen before,
some old, some new,
all sold on cue.

Gary and Helen Smith donate auction items with Tony

The watches and rings
the statue with wings
an elephant carved of jade
a gemstone lot
even a pot
a game with kings
red and blue things
a bracelet and some clocks
surprises in a box!

Hap Williams awarded champagne for his historian role

Master stones
animal bones
nothing was tabu
to raise a buck or two!

Our great auctioneer Bobby Mann with Teresa McGowan

China so fine
Australian wine
a gumball machine
and a tureen
Amethyst and Tourmaline
Alexandrite and a Citrine
sparkling and bright
what a cool sight
a garnet from Russia
a stone from Kabul..
gathered by Donna
how daring and cool!

Some of our terrific Live Auction items

A heart-shaped locket,
a watch for the pocket
a game of chance
champagne from France
Chinese pearls,
a figurine with curls
signed drawings and books
tools for cooks
photos in a frame
vases of glass
jewelry of brass
silver and gold
small or bold
all was sold!

Bob Davis and Hap Williams look over the silent auction items

Kathy Ewell loves to read,
Earl bought the earrings
Courtland brought the MD bead
and Denise paid for weird things

Lisa got a collection of pins
someone got tins
and something with fins
Carolyn was pretty
Bobby was witty
and the room was filled with joy
everybody got their toy!

We did miss the faces
of those off to new places
but made new friends
and shook new hands
there in the festive hall
a good time was had by all!

Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year!

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