2008 Holiday Auction & Dinner

Carolyn Chappell & Bobby Mann

Carolyn Chappell & Bobby Mann

The Holiday Dinner & Auction was once again a great success!

Thanks go to everyone that worked so hard, before, during and after to put this annual event together.

Thanks also go out to everyone who came and shared the evening with us!

We hope you enjoy the Pictures on this page, and more pictures are available on the ARCHIVES page. A special thanks to all the donors of items provided and sold during the auction, see the full Honor Roll at the end of this post.

From all of us to all of you!

Happy Holidays !!!

Best Wishes for a New Year filled with Peace, Prosperity, Health, and Happiness!

DC Chapter GIA Auction Honor Roll of Donors

1.     Kusam Malhotra “K & K International”
2.     Theresa McGowan & Bobby Mann
3.     Tim Morgan
4.     Anastasia Kim “Transcendental Enterprise LLC”
5.     Mary Loose DeViney “Tuel Jewelers”
6.     Jody Housenger
7.     Jim & June Gianforte “Continental Jewelers”
8.     Eric Hoffman “Far East Gallery”
9.     David Quang
10.   Marcia Rickman
11.    Jessica Barakat “Crown Pawnbrokers”
12.    Bob Davis “Jewellery by da Vis”
13.    Lisa Carp “Designs in Gemstones”
14.    Richard Drucker “Gemworld International Inc.”
15.    Bo Torrey “Pearl World LLC”
16.    Skinner Inc.
17.    GIA Bookstore
18.    Josh Hall “Pala International Inc.”
19.    GIA Alumni
20.    Weschlers Auctioneers & Appraisers
21.     Reiko Nagoya
22.     Tiny Jewel Box
23.     Brenda Foreman
24.     Dennis Nelson “Inner Circle”
25.     John Lees “JAL Co.”
26.     Mason Kay Fine Jade Jewelry
27.     Laura McCloud
28.     Lois Berger
29.     Donalda M. Lovelace “Ardmore Enterprises, Inc.”
30.     Courtland Lee “Boxlee”
31.     Toby & Helen Fitzkee “Five Star Jewelers”
32.     Optima Gems
33.     Anonymous
34.     Stephanie Kenyon “Sloans & Kenyon Auctioneers & Appraisers”
35.     Harold & Evelyn Williams
36.     Audrey Hegedorn
37.     Ronald Suddendorf
38.     Tim Roark Inc.
39.     Ken Achikian “Achikian Goldsmiths”
40.     Carolyn Chappell “Carolyn’s Crystals”
41.     Camilla Nasr
42.     Marvin M.Wambua “Safigems Cutters Limited”
43.     Pam & Brad Stair
44.     Aras Jewelers
45.     Tom & Ling Mangan “Mangan Jewelers”
46.     McCutchen Jewelers
47.     B & C Jewelers
48.     Kate’s Irish Pub
49.     John Greenan & Sons
50.     Ira & Davia Kramer
51.     Ashby Jewelers
52.     Melanie Marts
53.     Donna Sibley
54.     Jerry Root
55.     Doris & Thomas Voigt
56.     Tony Conway
57.     Mary Ehlers “The Nugget”
58.     Kim Hudyma
59.     Lois & Brian Geer
60.     Jim Walker “Tsavorite USA”
61.     Stephen Clarke “Liljenquist & Beckstead”
62.     Madeleine Albright
63.     Josephine Hart Trasher
64.     Jeff Allison
65.     Traci Solovey “Solovey Jewelers”

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