Annual Tucson Report 2010

Bobby Mann

Bobby Mann

The February Meeting had three parts. The evening started with a power point presentation by Bobby Mann explaining The New GIA Continuing Education Recognition Program. This online e learning program is available for GIA graduates who hold a Graduate Gemologist or Gemologist diploma. Delivered via Blackboard learning Management System. There are eight interactive assignments, released each month, January thru August. A questionnaire follows each assignment, approximately 30 minutes per assignment. Alumni passing all eight assignments receive a redesigned certificate. It has the following additional benefits, review only access to current GIA gemology e learning courses, Multimedia archives, Previous years Continuing Education content, Discussion boards and live on line chats with GIA experts from Education and Research, Recognition for program completers. There is a reasonable annual participation fee $189.00 Bundling options with G&G online $249.00. Find out more about GIA’s Continuing Education Recognition Program at their web site or contact the GIA Alumni at (760) 603-4145 or by emailing .

Part 2: DC GIA Alumni 25 Successful Years Awards Night, there were special awards for the following officers/members, who helped make this happen: Carolyn Chappell, Chuck Hyland, Sherlene Yantz-Bradbury, Bob Davis, Martin Fuller, Bobby Mann, Fred Ward, Tom Mangan, Michel Zabel, John Lees, Davia Kramer, Kusam Malhotra, Toby Fitzkee, Melanie Marts, Lisa Carp, Tony Conway, Doris Voigt, Donna Sibley, Andrea Blake, Anastasia Kim, Tim Morgan, Charlie Marts and Hap Williams. President Bobby Mann presented the awards to all that were present. Visit the Photos Page!


Part 3: DC GIA Alumni Annual Tucson Report, chapter associates who attended Tucson exhibited items they purchased for “show and tell” and they discussed prices, new trends, and impressions to all in attendance.

Lois Berger

Lois Berger - Pearls

Bobby Mann introduced Lois Berger who kicked off the program with her annual pearl report.

She had a power point presentation, accompanied by show and tell items for all to see hands on and a wonderful 11 page hand out on the status of the pearl market.

{PowerPoint soon to be posted}.


Kusam Malhotra - Gemstones

Next up was Kusam Malhotra who gave a passionate report on the status of the high-end gemstone market. She passed around some wonderful examples of Sapphires, Tourmalines and Zircons, in various colors, that she had purchased for all to see close-up.

The prices this year were up from last year for most quality gemstones, and some examples she loved were out of her reach.

Michael Gibson

Michael Gibson

Mike Gibson made a few remarks on the number of composite rubies all over Tucson.

He also saw a large number of rare natural pearls, Melo Melo Pearls, Eye Candy, etc.

He spoke of some of the new instruments on the market.

Martin Fuller

Martin Fuller

Martin Fuller elaborated on some of Mike’s remarks and said it looks like another term would be added to the gemstone vocabulary Hybrid (for the new composite rubies).

Tony Conway

Tony Conway

Tony Conway told about the wonderful, well attended, tribute to Campbell Bridges.

Tony also told of the speakers that he had lined up for this year while he was in Tucson.

At this point all in attendance came up front to the tables to view the “show & tell” brought in by Lois Berger, Courtland Lee, Lisa Carp and Tim Morgan & Michele McMurtry. The meeting was a great success and is one not to be missed each year; it gives all that can’t get to Tucson a real pulse of the market.

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