Palladium Profit Magic – Kate Peterson

KatePetersonIn the March meeting of DCGIA, Kate Peterson of Performance Concepts, discussed both the sales and technical side of Palladium. Kate shared a wealth of Palladium knowledge for designers/manufacturers and retailers working with palladium.

Palladium is the right combination of  Luxury and Value, right from Nature, right for Your Customers, and right for Your Business


There is no better time to learn about the potential associated with selling today’s white metal palladium. The complete power point slide show is here: PAI 2013 Retail Training

WHAT IS PALLADIUM?  Noble Metal, Precious Metal, and a Platinum Group Metal

Palladium is a precious metal, commonly found as a 95% pure alloy. 95% Palladium and 5% other metal (typically a mix of ruthenium and other noble metals).

There is no better time to learn about the potential associated with selling today’s white metal palladium.

Palladium is not an “alternative metal” or a ‘discount’ Platinum

Palladium is a THIRD OPTION with its own story, standout applications and merits

It is one of the ‘Big 3’ precious metals used in fine jewelry: Gold  –  Palladium  –  Platinum


The Benefits are Clear!

  • Feature:  Value –  “Palladium is a cost effective, Platinum group metal offering a fabulous look for an amazing price.”
  • Benefit: “With metals prices as they are today, palladium is the best alternative for value, style, comfort and durability in white precious metal jewelry”

Palladium Alliance International

  • Palladium Alliance International is a global organization sponsored by Stillwater Mining Company , a major American producer of rare  Platinum Group Metals.
  • PAI has brought together top industry experts  to provide multi-level support in three key areas: Technical (Bench/Manufacturing), Sales (Training/Education), Marketing  (Advertising/PR) 
  • For more information go to 

Kate Peterson is the President of Performance Concepts, Inc., 9628 Whetstone Drive Montgomery Village, MD 20886, a company dedicated to providing innovative and effective consultation in the areas of organizational design and development, retail operations, human resource management, sales and consumer behavior, and training, and education focused on the learning needs of the Luxury Retailer.  Kate is a member of the Board of Directors of the Diamond Council of America, and a training and retail sales consultant to the Palladium Alliance International (PAI).  –

Summary by Charles Marts

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