The Colored Gemstone Market – Michael Cohan

_DSC5412Mr.  Michael Cohan shared his personal experiences which he gathered during thirty years of adventures as a Gemologist, Appraiser, Jeweler and Traveler.
He is an AGTA Gem dealer and importer of fine colored gemstones.
Explaining in detail how gemstones enter the marketplace, and sharing the perils as well as the joys of such undertakings, were contained in his much encompassing talk.
_DSC5408_DSC5407From the difficulty of importing rough, uncut gem material to finding high quality treasures, Mr. Cohan covered Tanzania, Kenya, Zambia and  Burma.  He explained in detail the importing process, including rules and regulations enforced by local and foreign Governments.
_DSC5410_DSC5413Knowledge of various gem-treatments was shared and resulted in lively audience participation.  Where and when the treatments are applied, by whom, and the importance of knowing your sources, are an essential part of a gem-dealer’s profession.
Mr. Cohan emphasized the importance of full disclosure of enhancements during the sales-process and also brought along a selection of very fine, well cut gemstones for the audience to admire..

Summary by: Denise Nelson, GG (GIA)

Photos by Melanie Marts, GG (GIA)

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