New Directions – Michael Dyber

DCGIA had the pleasure of hearing from Gem Designer Michael Dyber in July. Michael’s work is known for it’s innovative style, and mastery of optical illusion. Each of his gems, are faceted and carved by hand.

Michael shared his work and the continuing evolution of his artistic career. Visit his web-site: to see his fantastic work!

Infinite Design – Mike Dyber catalog of carved gemstones.

Nicholle Mogavero has written an indepth two part blog on the July DCGIA meeting with Michael Dyber on her website at:

Nicholle starts by saying:

“If you like unique gems, you’ll really like Michael Dyber.
He’s been breaking all the bounds when it comes to gem cutting.
Take everything you have ever seen with a traditional faceted gem
and throw it all out. Now you are ready to experience what gemstone
carving has never been, but should always be from now on!”

If you missed the meeting this is definitely a must read….here is the link to Nicholle’s blog.

The 2013 Bob Davis Scholarship Winners were randomly selected at the July meeting. Congratulations go to Bobby Mann & Melanie Marts, who each won a $500 Scholarship for use towards any Gemological Related Education Expense, class, seminar, travel, equipment or books.

The next Bob Davis Scholarship selection will be held in July 2014!

Pictures by Melanie Marts G.G. (GIA)
Summary & Jewelry Nerd Blog by Nicholle Mogavero

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