FAIRFAX American Antique Arts Association – IDENTIFICATION OF IVORY

Who: Bobby Mann co-founder of the International Ivory Society (1996). Since then he has been teaching Ivory identification thru his talks, seminars, books, and hands-on workshops.

What:  Discussion will include identification of ivory, bone, tortoise shell, antler, man-made materials, and fakes. Bring examples for show and identification.

Where: Fairfax City Dept. of Recreation and Senior Center (Former Green Acres Elementary School), 4401 Sideburn Rd., Fairfax City, VA 22030

When: May 15, 2014 – 10:30 AM

How: Contact the Fairfax AAA President – Bill Fort, 281-352-0072.

Ivory Identification Books:

Ivory Identification a Photographic Reference Guide – Ivory Identification Reference Guide describes characteristics of the most common ivory available in the market place from mammal sources. Simple and straight-forward 20-page book with more than 100 photographs illustrate the key elements in identifying natural ivory, look-a-likes and man made imitations.

Ivory Identification: A Photographic Companion – The purpose of this book is to aid you in identifying natural ivory, ivory look-a-likes, and manufactured imitations using non-destructive testing techniques with readily available equipment. With 128 pages and 168 photographs you will be able to confidently identify natural ivory, ivory look-a-likes, and manufactured imitations.

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2 Responses to FAIRFAX American Antique Arts Association – IDENTIFICATION OF IVORY

  1. Donna L House says:

    I see this posting is from 2014, so I don’t know who to address this to. I am seeking information on the legal sale of whale ivory and scrimshaw. They have been in my possession for over 45 years.
    They were legally obtained and now I would like to sell them. Please let me know how I can go about this legally.

    • dcgiaorg says:

      The best place to start would be with a local auction house. Weschler’s Auctions in Rockville, MD. does on occasion sell Ivory from estates. They would be better qualified to provide an assessment and documentation requirements for a sale of ivory.

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