The Art of Gemstone Carvings – Denise Nelson GG (GIA)

Denise NelsonDenise Nelson DCGIA Chapter’s Globe Trotter and Ambassador to GIA, was insightful and informative in her sharing pictures from her visit to various Museums.

Denise walked our members through a look at carvings and the many materials used from around the world.


Carving 2

Providing a wealth of knowledge on the background history about the various cultures and creative people who depend on this industry for their livelihood. From common tribal art to intricate modern designs, from ancient days to today, carving and sculpturing natural materials has evolved and changed dramatically and is admired because if it’s durability and beauty.

Here is a short topic introduction video:

We Thank Denise for sharing her adventure with us.

Meeting Summary: Charlie Marts
Pictures provided by: Denise Nelson GG (GIA)
Video File by: Melanie Marts GG (GIA)

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