70X Microscope FOR SALE

DCGIA Chapter Member has a MODEL: 570 0.7 TO 4.2X – 70X Microscope with darkfield and reflective illumination ​FOR SALE
Manufacturer: American Optical Corporation, Buffalo, New York 14215 MADE IN USA
Asking $500
Contact dcgiaorg@cox.net for contact information

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1 Response to 70X Microscope FOR SALE

  1. Reginald D. Forbes says:

    Hi, my name is Reginald Forbes, I am a GIA student in Chicago working towards my GG. I am currently enrolled in the Gem ID course and could really use a good microscope. I would appreciate any additional information that you could provide about it, such as how old is it?
    Does it work well? Is there an overhead lamp? How are the optics, and can you provide a picture?

    Please get back to me as soon as possible, I am seriously interested in a microscope.
    Thank you,

    Reginald D. Forbes

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