Wild Acres Jewelry Retreat

These are the topics for the talks at the fall Wildacres retreat in the Blue Ridge Mountains.

EFMLS (Eastern Federation of Mineralogical and Lapidary Societies)

24th through the 30th of August 2015

Speaker-in-residence: Denise Nelson, G.G. (Gemological institute of America), NAJA (National Association of Jewelry Appraisers),

Member Gemmological Association of Great Britain

Gemstone Enhancements: Ever-changing Technology and Discoveries

Diamonds from the “Forbidden Zone” (Namibia & South Africa mines): Plus additional insights into the future of Diamonds

Precious Heirlooms, a Message from the Past: The jewelry version of genealogical sleuthing.

The Mines and Gems of Minas Gerais: Brazilian Treasures

Tucson 2015: New and exciting rocks, surprising prices and how lots of money has transformed mineral collecting

World’s best Stone and Gem Carvings: History of Materials, Art, Tools and People

A hands-on pearl identification work shop one evening.

Here are the classes which are offered during the fall session:

Faceting–Steve Weinberger

Gem Identification–Jay Bowman

Gem Trees—Basic–Suzie Milligan

Gem Trees—Advanced–Suzie Milligan

Intarsia–Richard Shackelton

Polymer Clay–Barbara McGuire

Wildacres “Wild”–Virginia Meador

Roadside Geology–Virginia Meador



Soapstone Carving–Sandy Cline


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