2015 DCGIA Honor Roll of Donors

Thanks for making it happen!
It was a great DCGIA auction, which raised $6,254 for chapter activities, a second chance on-line auction will be coming soon!

Special Thanks to everyone who helped before, at and after the auction.

Thanks to all of the SolicitorsAucTables
Thanks to the 35 Donors
Thanks to the 50 Attendees
Thanks to the 32 Bidders

Honor Roll of Donors in no specific order, please visit their websites!

Special Thanks to Dust Devil Mining Company, which donated Oregon Sunstones for our 2nd Chance Auction, for those who were not able to make it to the Party & Auction Event! Look at the November 2014 Meeting Archive for pictures of the wonderful gemstones coming out of this mine.

1 Theresa McGowan & Bobby Mann (RIP)
2 Tuell Jewelers
3 Pam Stair
4 Lois Berger
5 Mangan Jewelers
6 Gail Brett Levine – NAJA website
7 Josh Hall, Pala International
8 Weschler’s Auctioneers & Appraisers
9 Carolyn Chappell – Carolyn’s Crystals
10 Achikian Goldsmiths
11 Michele McMurtry – Eclectic by Design
12 Adel Cramer
13 Jane Heller Estates Sales
14 Jeff & Sharon Allinson
15 Solovey Antique and Estate Jewelers
16 Denise & Dennis Nelson
17 Richard Drucker – Gemworld International
18 Courtland Lee
19 Tim Morgan – Gemstones from the Earth
20 Skinners Auctioneers & Appraisers
21 Martin & Colette Fuller – Martin Fuller Appraisals
22 Carol McKenna Fort
23 Kusam & Kiran Malhotra – K & K International
24 Helen Serras-Herman – Gem Art Center
25 Mason Kay
26 GIA Alumni Association
27 David Stanford
28 Elyse Zorn Karlin – Assoc. for the Study of Jewelry & Related Arts
29 Eric Hoffman –
Far East Gallery
30 Robbie & Sherlene Bradbury –
YB Associates
31 Stephanie Giorlando
32 Elizabeth von Kaenel
33 Joanna Athanasopoulos
34 Laura McCloud
35 Charlie & Melanie Marts –
Long & Foster Realtor

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