“Sharing the Rough” – Orin Mazzoni

OrinDCGIA was overjoyed to have Orin Mazzoni for an informative 2-night event as a joint effort with AGS, the Maryland National Capital Guild. If you have ever wondered how a piece of rough is found, mined, cut, polished, then transformed into jewelry, and marketed, this 85 minute documentary is a must-see! Sharing the Rough Trailer

The life of a gemstone begins in the ground in Africa and ends in the hands of a jewelry lover, and passion follows the gemstone. Orin shared film clips from all 4 phases of the Mine to Market process, in a Behind the scenes presentation to our members. Orin discussed the idea of the film, its organic development and critical issues in making the film. Born and raised in Detroit, Michigan and from a third-generation family jewelry business, Orin’s passion for jewelry, gemology and film making was certainly present in the film and shared with DCGIA.

Red Garnet Rough

Red Garnet Rough

The passion for gemstones is documented throughout the journey of an East African mined gemstone rough (mine manager/owner Gichuchu Okenoto) to a faceted gemstone (Master Gem Cutter Roger Dery) and then to a premier jewelry designer (Mark Schneider) and finally to the consumer (June).


Kiwi Green Garnet Rough

Kiwi Green Garnet Rough

Within an intimate setting during both nights, Orin was able to dissect the film, and impart the passion felt by everyone involved in the process, as well as answer the questions on the minds of those attending, about the African miners, the film, the mine to market process, and how the film was accepted and reviewed by both the miners and the jewelry industry. Most importantly the NEXT STEP for Sharing the Rough and the artisan miners and education efforts in East Africa.

Orin’s keepsake from the film

Orin’s keepsake from the film

Nancy Schuring of Devon Fine Jewelry and one of the founders of the Devon Foundation, brings gemology & lapidary education to gem mining communities in Africa. The support helps teach locals to cut, facet and polish gems so they can get good paying jobs and support their families, as well as the growing gem trade in Africa. Website: http://devonfoundation.com/how-it-began/

The DCGIA Chapter thanks Orin and June for sharing their experiences, the film and especially the finished jewelry shown in the film with us.

Summary by Charles Marts, Secretary

Photos by Melanie Marts

Trailer provided by Orin Mazzoni

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