Beware of Scams!

DCGIA meetings are open to the public and someones presence does not mean the individual is a GG or member of the chapter.
DCGIA is dismayed to hear about an issue in which a Paraiba Tourmaline was purchased last year from someone attending a meeting. When it was sent to GIA for a certificate, it turned out to be apatite.
DCGIA is more than happy to provide references for any of our registered members, as well as, let you know if we have no information on others who might attend and solicit business at or after the meetings.
Know who you are dealing with, DCGIA highly recommends you verify membership in trade organizations that help keep the industry ethical. Honest gemstone dealers often have affiliations with the BBB, AGS, AGTA, and other organizations, which we highly recommend. Additionally, education for many of are members is on-going with GIA, NAJA, ASA, and others.

Diamond Simulants

Always have your purchase verified by an independent jewelry appraiser, to ensure you received what was described to you. Too many synthetics and look-a-likes are out there being peddled. Price is often a great indicator, if it is a deal of the century, it is likely not a deal at all. Buyer Beware!
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