From Collector to Commercial – Presented by Dr. Joel E. Arem

Joel Arem and Kusam Malhotra

Joel and DCGIA President Kusam Malhotra

Dr. Joel Arem took the DCGIA members on a journey to the “future of the gem industry” in the global marketplace.

EVERY gem was once a “collector” stone because only royalty could own them, and a ‘mass market’ did not exist for centuries. Over time all gems made a “transition” to the ‘commercial’ marketplace, some faster than others.

DCGIA thanks Joel for allowing us to video record his presentation and provide the Slideshow with audio as well as the video recording to members.

Because of room lighting, the projected slides are not visible in the video, so posted here is only the Slideshow with audio. There is a two slide dead period at 28 minutes as we learned the camera used had a 28 minute time limit on recording. Audio will start again after the two slides, so enjoy!

The DCGIA Board wishes once again to Thank Joel for a very informative and fun night.

Joel E Arem + DCGIA Board

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