Long-term Trends in the Jewelry Industry


Marlene Richey & Kusam Malhotra DCGIA President

Marlene shared her experiences learning the do’s and don’ts, up’s and down’s, ins and outs of becoming a jewelry design entrepreneur.

As well as discussing the long-term trends she sees in the jewelry industry.

Marlene was not talking:

Fashion-Fads-What’s Hot-This year’s trends.

She was talking about: Long-term trends

Recent trends in jewelry: Raw Diamonds, Micro Pave Diamonds and Diamonds set in silver.

PicturePaveTrend Raw Diamonds

Long Term Trends:

Recycle, Reuse, Renew – Green – Conflict Diamonds – Responsible Sourcing.
Alternative Metals and Materials – Steel, Copper, Titanium, Paper, Wood, Glass, Leather,  Plastic, Buttons, Toys, Game pieces, etc.


Oxidized Silver

Social media not friendly or forgiving to business

Social Media Logotype BackgroundA clash between a motorist and a cyclist that moved online results in a loss of corporate sponsors.

By Jessica Hall jhall@pressherald.com
Staff Writer

PictureOnLineWholesale, Retail and  the New Reality     Buy. Sell. From home. 3:00AM.  Bunny slippers. During work.
No driving. Easy. Gig Economy.

What becomes of the brick and mortars?

Store Closures and the Graying of Boomers.


PictureBoomerMillennials – Experiential Purchasing

Alternative Metals, Cad Cam, Green Jewelry, High Touch vs High Tech

PictureBrandIs your brand loyal to your customers?

Millennials want to know.


DCGIA Thanks Marlene for sharing her experience and knowledge with us!

marlene@marlenerichey.com    –  617.435.7609

Summery taken from slide show provided by Marlene Richey

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