Gary Bowersox shared his 50 years of gem-related exploration activities in Afghanistan with DCGIA members. Visiting emerald, ruby, aquamarine, kunzite, morganite, tourmaline, lapis and other gemstone mines throughout Afghanistan.

Throughout history, Afghanistan gemstones have been of great value and steadily increasing in value. Today, mostly private families and residents operate mining and it is their main source of income. Over the years, organizations have worked together to develop the legal trade from this country.

The Gem Hunters Corporation was an idea conceived by Gary W. Bowersox during his over thirty years of promoting gem shows on the road. With this new internet store, gem hunters and buyers can explore and purchase inventory on line. Visit and sign up for Gary’s newsletter or purchase his books “The Gem Hunter” and “Gemstones of Afghanistan”.

Watch The Gem Hunter in Afghanistan video:

DCGIA thanks Gary for a very informative and interesting presentation to our members and guests.

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