Holiday Dinner & Auction

Carolyn & Bobby

Carolyn & Bobby

The Holiday Dinner & Auction was once again a great success!

Thanks go to everyone that worked so hard, before, during and after to put this annual event together.

Thanks also go out to everyone who came and shared the evening with us!

We hope you enjoy the Poem and Pictures on this page, and towards the end a special thanks to all the donors of items sold during the auction.

Denise Nelson’s poem for Auction Dec 2007

The tree in the lobby * all shiny and bright * the beer held by Bobby * Oh what a sight!



The years pass so quick * the auction ishere * have a quick pick * and have a good beer!

Write down the number * the bigger * the better * for things made of lumber *

and even a letter * a diamond scoop *a triplet loupe * an onyx pendant *

Davia & Carolyn

Davia & Carolyn

a custom design * Australian wine *a colorful mola * a gemstone bola *

balloons made of cola * even more things that shine * and art exquisitely

fineEtta so pretty * Doris so witty *Bobby in a frame * oh what a shame *

not for sale…

Table 1 Auction Items

Table 1 Auction Items

A jewelry lota plant and a pot * a pretty heart locket *a knife for the pocket *

Table 2 Auction Items

Table 1 Auction Items

costume pins * colorful tins * books about Jade *items to trade *hand made things *golden rings…

Agate, banded and pretty * furs to wear to the city *Venetian glassand Indian brass

Gary &

Gary &

a rainbow of beads *and also some seeds *rings for the ear * full of cheer *

with Bobby and his beer!

The board hard at work * to raise the money *to bribe our speakers with wine and honey

rugs of all textures * to raise money for lectures* some vintage vermeil * so little to pay *

for items big and small * some short and some tall *pay more! pay more! *

for a book full * of lore *

Couple 1Couple 2

for garnet, so sparkly and bright * the tables got empty, oh what a sight * too soon we called it a night!



Couple 3

There was lots of bidding * and even some kidding * the evening went fast * and at last *

quick went the gold * things new and old * all items were sold!

For those who were there,thanks for your giving *for those who were not,

you missed some good living…

Couple 4Trio

Be healthy and happy and have a good year * Remember the chapter and add some good cheer *

Couple 5

Web Master Bribed

Web Master Bribed

by sending us money, if you have some to spare * if not, just join us and come and care * the meetings are fun, we learn and share * information and wisdom exceedingly rare.

Bobby Framed

Bobby Framed

Happy Holidays and a New Year filled with Peace and Happiness!

DC Chapter GIA Auction Honor Roll

  1. Robert G. Davis – Jewellery By da Vis
  2. Brenda Forman
  3. Lisa Carp – Designs In Gemstones
  4. Donna Sibley
  5. Mary Loose DeViney – Tuel Jewelers
  6. Anonymous
  7. Jim & June Gianforte – Continental Jewelers
  8. Skinner Inc. Auctioneers
  9. Richard Drucker – Gemworld International Inc.
  10. Josh Hall – Pala International Inc.
  11. Reiko Nagoya
  12. Weschler’s Auctioneers & Appraisers
  13. Bo Torrey – Pearl World
  14. Traci Solovey – Solovey Jewelers
  15. Jeff & Sharon Allison
  16. Andrew & Etta Saunders – Arethusa Designs
  17. Eric J. Hoffman-Far East Gallery
  18. Hap & Dee Williams
  19. Robbie & Sherlene Bradbury
  20. Doris & Thomas Voigt
  21. Kusam & Kiran Malhotra – K & K International
  22. Bobby Mann & Theresa McGowan
  23. Mason Kay – Fine Jade Jewelry
  24. Diane Grimes-Briars Antiques
  25. GIA Alumni Association
  26. Stephen J. Clarke – Liljenquist & Beckstead
  27. Quest Fine Jewelers Inc – Pete H. Tain
  28. John & Alice Lees – JAL Co.
  29. GIA Gem Instruments
  30. Camilla Nasr
  31. Tim Roark Inc.
  32. Ken Achikian-Achikian Goldsmiths
  33. Carolyn Chappell-Carolyn’s Crystals
  34. Melanie Marts
  35. David Ensellem- Towne Silversmiths
  36. Kate’s Irish Pub
  37. John Greenan & Sons
  38. B&C Jewelers
  39. Gregory & Ann Stevens
  40. Lois Berger
  41. Ira & Davia Kramer – Diamond Exchange
  42. Denise & Dennis Nelson
  43. Joan Ward
  44. Catherine Cowie
  45. James Burick-Jeweler’s Warehouse
  46. Anna Escobar
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