Scratching the Surface of Gemstone Coatings . . . And Other Timely Insights

Antoinette Matlins

Antoinette Matlins

Ms. Antoinette Matlins is an internationally respected gem and jewelry expert and well-known author and lecturer. Often seen on CNN, ABC, NBC, and CNBC offering important consumer information, Ms. Matlins devotes much of her work to education and consulting within the trade.

Former Gemology Editor for National Jeweler for almost a decade, she is the author of seven highly acclaimed books on gems and jewelry and has become a respected consumer advocate in the field.

Her most popular books include:

pic2Jewelry & Gems

The Buying Guide – (in its 6th edition/published in 6 languages)

Gem Identification Made Easy

Diamonds: The Antionette Matlins Buying Guide

Colored Gemstones: The Antionette Matlins Buyiing Guide

The Pearl Book

Ms. Matlins’s presentation focused on technologies that have taken gemstone treatments to new heights (or, as she prefers to say, new depths). In the area of coatings, for example, sapphires of an undesirable color can be transformed into a much more marketable “blue” sapphire with the application of a cobalt coating.
pic3In the case of fancy-color diamond melee, coatings on the pavilion can impart to an off-color stone a very lovely, and naturallooking hue of yellow, pink, blue, or “cognac”.

Coatings can even transform heavily tinted diamonds into colorless beauties. In the area of HPHT techonology, the trade faces not only HPHT color-altered diamonds but also HPHT synthetic diamonds.

Thanks for Sharing

Thanks for Sharing

The DCGIA chapter Thanks Ms. Matlins for providing such important information to aid in detecting treatments, distinguishing natural gems from synthetics, and knowing when to enlist the services of an experienced gemologist or laboratory.

Lisa Carp a Winner!

Lisa Carp a Winner!

Raffle Tickets are sold at every meeting to help raise money to cover chapter costs. 50% of the money raised goes to the chapter and 50% goes to a lucky raffle ticket holder.

The winner of the 50/50 Raffle Ticket was Lisa Carp. She has always been a winner in our hearts and minds.

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  1. carol says:

    I would like to know if I can contact Antionette
    regarding a ring that I have; possible origin and
    value. I can provide a photo to determine this

    Thank You,

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