Ed Lewand – Appraisals How & Who

Ed Lewand

Ed Lewand

Ed Lewand provided an insightful discussion exploring the issues surrounding the offering and use of appraisals by jewelers in and through their stores. 

Starting from the fundamental question of whether jewelers should make appraisals available as a service to their clients.

The discussion proceeded to queries such as finding that rare “Certified GIA Appraiser”,  whether the appraisals should be performed in house or through an outside contractor, what constitutes a proper appraisal, USPAP, and what should be done when a bad appraisal is encountered in the jeweler’s business dealings.

Ed + Doris Voigt

Doris Voigt + Ed Lewand

Antuque Jewelry is a New Market in this economy, because the history of a piece provides a romantic story, along with unique craftsmanship, and style from a period gone by. This makes the value of the item’s sum, greater than the parts that make it up.

Hallmark on Earrings

Fine Metal

Pocket Watch Hallmarks

Hallmarks are important as they add value and identification of Manufacturing location and more. Know your hallmarks!  

Tony Conway + Ed Lewand

Tony Conway + Ed Lewand

In Summary Mr. Lewand recommended:

Learn as much as possible – Appraise what you know – Avoid what you do not know

Ed + Bobby

Ed Lewand+ Bobby Mann

Use the services and training supplied by the various Appriasal Associations, visit www.jewelrycamp.org which promotes knowledge and education in antique and estate jewelry.

Have a personnal library to include Books about:

Jewelry Identification and Pricing

Warman's Jewelry

Dictionary of Jewelry Terms

Jewelry Dictionary

World Hallmarks

World Hallmarks








Guide to Watches


World Coins

World Coins

Meeting Summary by: Charlie Marts

Pictures of People & Presntation slide: Melanie Marts

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4 Responses to Ed Lewand – Appraisals How & Who

  1. Thanks for the really great inclusion of our book in the 5 that you illustrated. By the way we have and regularly use all the others, including all the volumes of World Coins.

  2. Constance Sherman says:

    I am trying to locate Mr. Lewand for an appraisal on a bracelet. He was recommended to me by Kentshire Galleries.

  3. Frank Gaglio says:

    I am trying to reach Mr. Lewand for a diamond ring appraisal. He was recommended to me by Dana Krauss. (914) 474-8552

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