Tucson Gem Show Report

Since the Tucson Gem show is a “must-view” event, DCGIA devotes each February meeting to a “Tucson Report” where Chapter members who attended could exhibit items they purchased for “show and tell” and could discuss prices, new trends, and impressions with everyone at the meeting.

Lois Berger & Pearls

Lois Berger

Lois discussed all things “Chinese Fresh Water Cultured Pearls”.

These pearls were the shining star of the Tucson Gem as far as Lois was concerned.

Lois provided a Power Point presentation along with a word document covering the Highlights of what she saw and priced for the wholesale market place.

Lois H. Berger-presentation to GIA Alumni

2011 AGTA Tucson Pearl Report – Lois H Berger GG

A BIG Thank You for sharing with us Lois!

China’s Freshwater PearlsLois's pearls 1

Lois's pearls 2

Kusam Malhotra

Kusam Malhotra

Kusam shared some beautiful Gems purchsed at the show. Although there is a lot of treated colored stones out there, Natural “untreated” stones are available. Always get a certificate from a LAB.

Some of Kusam’s AWE Insiring Gems are provided below:

Kusam's Malaia garnet

Kusam's Malaia Garnet

Kusam's Morganite

Kusam's Morganite

Kusam's tourmalines

Kusam's tourmalines

Kusam's Gem

Kusam's Gem

Martin Fuller

Martin Fuller

Marty Fuller spoke of his thoughts of the Tucson Gem Show. The show appaered to be good for the vendors selling. Treated Colored Gems are so prolific, you better assume it is treated unless a Certificate is provided with the stone.

Marty was recently on TV “Fox5” discussing Soldiers in Afganastan coming back with Gems that are far from Natural Quality Gemstones. Most are low quality of synthetic, glass filled or glass capped, while being sold as Natural gemstones.

Courtland Lee

Courtland Lee

Courtland Lee was Courtland was a vendor at the 2011 Tucson International Gemshow.

Courtland displayed beads made from the Maryland State Gemstone, the Patuxent River Stone. He also had beads from petrified dinasour teeth.

His main focus was Mineral Specimens, as the Show Theme for 2011 was “Minerals of California”.

Courtland's specimens 2

Specimen More Specimens

Courtland's specimens 1

More Specimens

Bobby Mann

Bobby Mann

Bobby Mann provided a Tucson Experience Handout with the complete compiled history of the Tucson Gem & Mineral Show.

 Tucson Experience

Every DCGIA meeting has a 50/50 Raffle. Additionally, all guests are elligible for a drawing of a $50 Education Voucher valid towards any Gemological endeaver, course, subscription, books or labs that are purchased during 2011.

50-50 drawing

Bobby Mann presenting to Carolyn Chappell

50/50 Raffle Winner was:

Carolyn Chappel – who says she can now buy that private plane she always wanted and on her first trip she is going to Disneyland in Paris!

$50 Education Voucher Winner was Theresa McGowan

Meeting Summary by Charlie Marts

Pictures of individuals and Gems by Melanie Marts

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