Tucson Panel Report

Since the Tucson Gem show is a “must-view” event, DCGIA devotes each February meeting to a “Tucson Report” where Chapter members who attended could exhibit items they purchased for “show and tell” and discuss prices, new trends, and impressions with everyone at the meeting. A BIG Thank You to All the Members for sharing with us!

Tucson Panel

Tucson Panel - Kusam, Courtland, Lynn & Lois

Bobby Mann DCGIA President opened the panel by providing a Handout – The Tucson Experience a history of the Tucson Gem Show and what you can expect to see there.


Lois Berger GG, NAJA, DCGIA’s resident pearl expert discussed all things “Cultured Pearls”.

Lois’ pearl report provides indepth wholesale pricing and pearl industry news each year.

Lois provided a Power Point presentation AGTA Show Pearl Report 2012  along with a PDF document Tucson Pearl Report 2012  covering the Highlights of what she saw and prices for the wholesale market place.


Kusam Malhotra Owner of K & K International in Vienna, VA. was a vendor at the 2012 Tucson International Gemshow.  Displaying Wholesale Natural Colored Gemstones:
Alexandrite, Colored Diamonds, Aquamarine, Beryl, Red Beryl, Chrysoberyl, Kunzite, Diamond, Garnet, , Morganite, Turquoise, Zircon and Extra Fine Gem Quality Rubies.
Real Fine sapphires of All Colors. Real and Exotic Stones from A – Z.
Tourmalines of all Colors and from All Regions of the Globe.
Kusam shared some beautiful Gems from the show. Although there is a lot of treated colored stones out there, Natural “untreated” stones are available. Always get a certificate from a LAB.

Because of the HIGH Prices current in the market, a lot of retail establishments are selling Old Inventory. There is still a market for FINE Gemstones, as people are still willing to pay the price for quality and beauty.

Some of Kusam’s AWE Insiring Gems will be provided below: SOON

Lynn Karson a self proclaimed NOVICE working towards her GG, provided her first impressions of Tucson on her maiden trip.

Lynn has family in Tucson in the jewelry design business so was able to visit both the show and her family. She was at the show for 4 days with her 2 brothers, and had the opportunity to meet up with other DCGIA Associates while there.

Lynn’s 1st time was awe inspiring since she saw both Lois Berger and Kusam Malhotra at the show. In addition to seeing some beautiful black cats eye and other gems, she saw all the amazing Spectrum Award winning Jewelry Designs and the Cutting Edge Gem Cutting Award winners up close and personal.

Lynn was amazed by all the unconventional items available at the show, meteorites, fossils stingray leather jewelry with silver and gemstones, and faceted cultured pearls. Lois Berger stated that facet pearls is not a new thing, they just are not widely available.

Lynn enjoyed the wide variety of seminars  that were available for learning from gems to business, she found Social Media for Jewelers informative as 90% of Brides use Facebook and leave comments, which can bring more customers into your store.

Lynn also  enjoyed watching and listening to the other people attending the show as they moved from booth to booth.


Courtland Lee is DCGIA’s resident Geologist and Miner, a gemologist with a MS in Economic Geology from the University of Arizona (1967). After early work in western metals exploration, and a tour of duty in the U.S. Navy, Courtland went to work in Washington, D.C. on Federal Mineral programs. While there he worked on Capitol Hill for the Mines and Mining Committee. Courtland was instrumental in getting petrified dinosaur bone designated as the official Maryland state gemstone. Courtland Lee was a vendor at the 2012 Tucson International Gemshow.

Courtland displayed beads made from the Maryland State Gemstone, the Patuxent River Stone. He also had beads from petrified dinosaur teeth. Courtland’s main focus is Mineral Specimens, he shared a few items:

Courtland Lee 1

Turquoise necklace purchased in Tucson 2012 Hubei Province of china called Zhu Shau Turquoise. Like old Arizona spider web variety once considered the best. Note turquoise fills dissolved pyrite in copper deposits.

Courtland Lee 2

Pennsylvania williamsite { George F Kunz} carved mountain in mainland China. Sinkankas valued this material more valuable than many jades.

Courtland Lee 3

More spider web turquoise Zhu Shu. Good value this year. Natural from repudiable dealer.

Courtland Lee 4

is old Maryland/Penna native copper mined pre civil war and again by the Confederates up until Antietam . Bright native copper against a white guartz and calcite background is a classic Mid Atlantic gem. See appalachian gem trails.

The Tuscon Gem Report meeting is always well attended by those of us that missed actually being there!

DCGIA Associates

DCGIA Associates

Summary By Charlie Marts

Pictures By Melanie Marts GG

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