Oregon Sunstone – The True Copper Bearing Sunstone – Don Buford and Terry Clark

Terry Clark & Don Buford

Terry Clark and Don Buford

Don Buford and Terry Clark shared the history of the Dust Devil Mining Company and Oregon Sunstone with members. They were accompanied by their wives Patsy Buford and Jude Clark, and a surprise guest Nirinjan Khalsa a Beverly Hills Designer, Artist & Miner.

Oregon Sunstone is an extremely beautiful and rare gemstone found only in South central Oregon in the US.

Color range samples of Oregon Sunstone available at the meeting.
Oregon GemstonesAccording to Native American legend, the blood of a great warrior – wounded by an arrow – dropped onto pieces of Oregon Sunstone. The blood carried his warrior spirit into the stones, coloring them with shades of red and giving them sacred power.

Oregon Gemstones Carved

Dust Devil Mining Co. Dust Devil Mine Website believes everyone should have access to good quality cutting rough at a reasonable price. They believe the Oregon Sunstone is on the threshold of becoming a very popular gemstone and that demand will cause the price to increase considerably over the next few years. Even though growing popularity tends to make gemstone rough difficult to find and expensive to obtain, the Dust Devil Mine pledges to continue making good rough available for designers, artists, and cutters as long as they own the mine.

UnionDust Devil Mining Co.is dedicated to maintaining the integrity of this American treasure and sells rough, gems and jewelry from Oregon Sunstone “as it came from the Earth” with absolutely no treatment, enhancements or heating. All Natural, All American, All the Time.

The following Powerpoint Show covers Don & Terry’s presentation: Dust Devil Mine – DCGIA Nov. 2014

NirinjanNirinjan Khalsa provided some of the jewelry displayed during the talk. Nirinjan creates fine jewelry for a select clientele from a fine jewelry studio located near Beverly Hills, Ca. For over 30 years Nirinjan has had a special love for nature’s treasures and he began by mining gems and precious metals throughout North and Central America and evolved into the fine jewelry artist he is today. Necklace NecklaceSet


Nirinjan Khalsa owns Suncrystal Mining which has a number of privately held mining claims located in the Plush Sunstone district in south central Oregon.


It was a pleasure having Dust devil Mining share the story of Oregon Sunstone as well as the rough, carved and jewelry available for viewing and buying. The party continued at the 17th Floor Restaurant where good food, drink and conversation were had by all.

Dinner Party
Summary & Pictures by Charlie Marts
Powerpoint Show provided by Don Buford

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