Jewelry Speaks – Dr. Brenda Forman PhD

Brenda Foreman

Brenda Forman

Brenda Forman enlightened the DCGIA Chapter on January 14th, with the history of Jewelry through the ages. Jewelry speaks loud and clear about the wearer. In every tomb you find 3 things:

Bones, Weapons, and Jewelry.

Life, death and beauty

From the dawn of history jewelry has been an important symbol of royalty, religion and social authority, aimed to dazzle and impress and jewelry certainly does that.

From the Byzantine Empire to the 20th Century Brenda provided a lively discussion and slideshow of the prominent things jewelry says about the wearer.

Jewelry Speaks

I'm Powerful

I'm in Mourning

I'm Holy

I'm ProtectedI'm MarriedI'm Rich

The DCGIA Chapter thanks Brenda for sharing with our members the rich history of jewelry.

Summary by Charles Marts

Photos from presentation provided by Brenda Forman

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