Tucson Wholesale Pearl Report – Lois Berger

Lois Berger GG, NAJA, DCGIA’s resident pearl expert discussed “Cultured Pearls”. Lois provided a brief discussion of the history of the Chinese Pearl Production industry along with a number of types of pearls being cultured by the Chinese as well as other countries.

Lois’ provided an in-depth wholesale pricing pearl report to attendees, and pearl industry news. The information contained in this report is intended to provide a cross section of what is available in the current pearl market at the whole sale level. The tables, listings, sizes and prices are not intended for grading purposes. All pictures were taken by Lois. H. Berger, G.G. Here is the  2015 Whole Sale Pearl Report  by Lois Berger, covering the Highlights of what she saw and prices for the wholesale market place.


Feather Pearls


Fresh Water Pearl Necklace

Lois Berger, also discussed an oddity that was found back in 2005 but never made it to the retail scene because once a hole was drilled in these misshaped pearls a sewage stench was over powering.



Courtland Lee, DCGIA’s resident geologist and Miner, was a vendor at the 2014 Tucson International Gem Show. Courtland shared a number of items, beads and Mineral Specimens as well as petrified dinosaur teeth.


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