Treasures from the Deep – Mel King

Mel King (President of Big Blue Wreck Salvage) discussed Treasures from the Deep, the exciting discovery of Spanish gold doubloons on the 1715 Fleet Shipwreck site during Summer 2013, as well as future plans for the site. Sharing historical shipwreck stories and present recovered artifacts from various Spanish Colonial shipwrecks off the coast of Florida.

Mel passed around pieces of eight and gold doubloons from the 1500s-1700s. Mel also discussed the ins and outs of modern shipwreck recovery.
Silver Ingot

Big Blue Wreck Salvage, Inc. is affiliated with the on-going recovery efforts of the 1715 Fleet shipwreck sites on the east coast of Florida. Web sites of interest are:

Not All Treasures are Gold & Silver, common finds include a lot of fishing sinkers, all of which are removed from the area once detected.


The real treasure includes canons, canon balls, metal nails and other ship hardware, pottery, jewelry, pieces of eight, gold doubloons, and ingots of silver and gold! Some of the Gold Recovered from the 1715 Fleet Shipwreck.
1715 Recovered Gold

Recovered items look more like the below belt buckle fresh from the ocean, before artifact conservation cleans it up bright and shinny.


The most interesting item discussed was a gold frame and insert (pyx), hand crafted in the late 1600’s or early 1700’s used to carry the Blessed Sacrament (host or communion wafer).


The elaborate gold filigree insert is called a lunette, and provides a very thin space between the frame and the lunette for holding the Sacrament wafer which was held in the center of the sun. Only gold can touch the Sacrament wafer once it was consecrated. This would have been worn on a cord or chain to be carried by a priest or high church official, possibly to serve last rites or private communion service for a wealthy church member.

Mel also had a Booth at the International Gem & Jewelry Show, at Dulles Expo Center from May 15-17. FREE Admission passes were provided to everyone present at the meeting.

Free Admission

On display at the show were some wonderful historic coins set into jewelry, one of a kind pendants, rings (men’s and women’s), earrings, cuff-links and money clips.

Coin Jewelry

Summary Charles Marts
Recovered item pictures Big Blue Wreck Salvage, Inc.

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