Helping People in Tough Economic Times – Brian Diener

brian dienerBrian Diener is a native Washingtonian, appraiser and licensed auctioneer, with more than 25 years of experience in the diamond, estate jewelry and antiques industry. Diener Jewelers, is located at 1133 19th St NW. Washington, DC 20036. A 45 year old second generation Washington D.C. institution, serving customers by buying, making loans on and selling, precious metals, Estate jewelery, art, sterling silver flatware, and more.

Diener Jewelers is a quaint and elegant store in DC, where people from all walks of life can come to buy, sell, or get a loan on fine estate jewelry and antiques. Whether you are a Turkish prince, a speaker of the House, or a trust-fund baby low on cash, there are few places in the world to turn for a quick and discreet loan on your family jewels, fine china or Cartier watch. But if you happen to be in Washington, D.C., you’re in luck. Diener Jewelers, has served as a quiet quick-cash stop for two generations. And what they choose to sell or lay down as collateral can be remarkable.

In 2008 when the economy tanked, people flowed into his store, really wealthy people who owned strip malls, car dealerships, or big businesses. There were some customers from the ’80s who were clients of his Father’s, the store’s founder. Clients were basically crying, trying to sell things quickly to raise cash. Brian held their hands and said, “I got you. Let’s do this.” Clients sold their things and got the money they needed, a win win situation. Sometimes they were five-deep at the counter, waiting to sell or pawn items.

Brian shared a number of pieces from his store, passing them around to DCGIA Members for inspection.

item1Gold Multi Stone Bangle Bracelet
18kt. yellow gold Coral Lapis Turquoise bangle bracelet. 77 grams.

coinThere’s really no one else like Diener Jewelers in downtown D.C. A lot of retail jewelers don’t buy. People who want estate jewelry are sent to Diener Jewelers, and Brian is grateful for those recommendations. Diener Jewelers also buys artwork and sterling silver. They have one of the largest collections of sterling silver flatware in D.C. They polish it, put it on their website, and sell it at wholesale prices.

Diener Jewelers has moved away from newspaper advertisement on to TV. That’s something Brian started a number of years ago. He was reluctant, but created a series of TV commercials letting people know Diener Jewelers buys estate-jewelry. People who had never even heard of his father’s business all of a sudden knew about Diener Jewelers. Brian’s sister Allison Perlmutter is still part of the business and she sends a lot of people in. She and her three kids also appeared in a commercial that everyone loves. People feel comforted by the local family-owned brick-and-mortar jewelry store.

Diener Jewelers is paying top cash prices for estate jewelry and objects of art. Walk in and get a loan on your five-carat diamond ring now. Check their website at

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Summary by Charles Marts

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