Tiny Jewel Box DC Job Posting

Master Goldsmith wanted for fabrication and repair of high-end, fine jewelry including, but not limited to: rings, earrings, bracelets, pendants, and brooches. Small shop environment with a manager and three other jewelers including this position. Production environment with a constant flow of custom design and repair work.

  Minimum 7 years of continuous experience at the bench
  Must be adept at torch soldering/fusing and laser welding silver/gold/platinum
  Must be able to set both diamonds and precious gems into silver/gold/platinum in a variety of setting styles (ex: bead, channel, flush, bezel, gypsy, pave)
  Must have knowledge of vintage jewelry making techniques and repair
  Must be able to work using a microscope
  Must have the basic ability to communicate with other store associates
  Must be willing to maintain condition of workshop tools by cleaning and performing regular maintenance on necessary equipment
  Must be able to read and follow instructions
  Must be able to sit at a jeweler’s bench for extended periods of time
  Must have a strong work ethic and a commitment to quality
  Wax carving experience a plus
  Casting experience a plus
  CAD/CAM experience a plus

Contact: Leslie Ribakow 301-654-9879 (Direct)  301-657-8876 (Fax) or by EMail at: lribakow@arthurdiamond.com

Master Goldsmith Job Description

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